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Branding that’s Right on the Nose

We talk about “branding” a lot in marketing. This often entails a company’s identity – logo, colors, type – as well as the copy tone or voice. We rarely hear about “brand personality.” Those little things that show a company’s distinct character attributes that set it apart from its competitors. A great example is JetBlue. …

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Are Retailers Going After the Deathbed Market?

Ho, ho, huh? Last week I spotted my first holiday display right in front of my grocery store on September 12th. The powers that be at this major retail chain decided that just as we were ringing in the school bells and memorial bells for the victims of 9/11, we would welcome some holiday cheer, too. After all, summer is the perfect time to roll out an early holiday promotion.

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Marketing Monday

Or perhaps I should call this a “Manly Marketing Monday” (insert fist pump). “What Pantone color is Donald Trump?” Who is the new “Most Interesting Man” for Dos Equis? What is Apple’s Jonathan Ive up to these days? And how do both sexes recycle advertising ideas? These are some of the posts that turned my head this week.

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