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Need some reassurance?

I realize hiring a freelance copywriter is a big step, even for a small project. When making your decision, word of mouth is always helpful. I have the next best thing. Here is how some of my clients described what it’s like to work with me:

“Amelia is a fantastic writer who brings a really unique angle to even the most mundane products. We hired her to write some campaigns for a group of very different clients, and she always came up with a fresh approach. She is also a total pleasure to work with. There is no over-sized creative ego to battle when working through the details of the copy.”

– Amy Berry, CEO at Tahoe Fund

“Amelia’s contribution to our rebranding efforts was extraordinary. I know from experience that there are few freelance copywriters who could embrace a new brand, establish its voice and develop endless materials with ridiculous deadlines. Seriously, I couldn’t have done it without her. I could depend on Amelia’s clever brainstorming for concepts and her precision interpretation of complex theories. Decoding financial jargon and making it interesting to boot is certainly a talent. And she never lost sight of the objectives or her multiple audiences. Amelia has a great attitude and professionalism. I would welcome the opportunity to work with her again and highly recommend her talents.”

– Jessica Kodrich, Art Director

“I worked with Amelia about 10 years ago, when she was contracted as a creative writer at the agency I was employed with. What struck me back then was her eagerness to push the envelope and find unique, fresh ways to approach advertising. Ten years later, I was in a similar situation, with a need for a creative partner to craft content around a new product launch, including a new website and email campaigns. She showed the same drive and passion for her craft, along with a collaborative mindset which enabled us to successfully create a launch campaign that made our agency and our client extremely pleased. Amelia is a great resource to have on hand and I’m excited and pleased to work with her on future projects.”

– Adrienne Williamson, Creative Director at Lucid Fusion

“I don’t have to sweat the little details because Amelia’s already done that. Our creative partnership has been an easy conversation that evolves into intriguing concepts and I can always depend on her to want the best idea to also be the best solution.”

– Susan A. Chew, Creative Director at Nostrum, Inc.

“Amelia has always come through with creative concepts and copy that “nails it” every time. I’ve depended on her abilities from my agency executive days to two marketing director positions and finally as the head copywriter of my own agency. I would recommend her without reservation – only after my own projects are done, of course.”

– Stephanie Bradhurst, Principal at Bradhurst Advertising

“I have hired Amelia as a freelance copywriter many times and recommended her to many others, always with outstanding results. Working primarily in the technology sector, I could always count on Amelia to wrap her head around even the most arcane tech subjects. She’s a quick wit and definitely fun to work with. If you’re looking for fantastic, on time ideas and copywriting, look no further. She’s the best.”

– Scott Woolsey, Award-Winning Creative Director, Brand & Marketing Strategist

“1997. That’s how far back Amelia and I go. Whether it’s concepts or copy for ad campaigns, collateral, web sites or anything else, Amelia always delivers. She’s a quick study, a smart thinker and a great person. And that’s on top of being a great writer.”

– Tim Price, Chief Client Officer at INK

“I have partnered with Amelia at a number of different firms. Amelia is a great writer, and always has innovative concepts that are on target. She’s a pleasure to work with, professional and ALWAYS meets deadlines, no matter how crazy they might be. I’d recommend her for any type of project!”

– Dennis Wunsch, Creative Director at Scotsman Guide Media

“Amelia has an extraordinary blend of sharp-witted creativity and spot-on strategic thinking. It’s not enough for her to just write professional prose on our clients’ products and services, she takes great steps to make sure they get their main point of differentiation across, positions them apart from the competition, and creates value and motivation to move products. Her right-brained creativity and left-brained logic are truly balanced to create a well thought out and unique message. Professional, talented, timely and can present herself well in any boardroom or brainstorming meeting – what more could you ask for?”

– Kevin Daniels, Principal at Ruckus Creative

“As an Account Executive at Nostrum, Inc. I had the pleasure of working with Amelia for two years on various projects for diverse industries. Amelia is reliable, flexible, a great listener, and composes superb work under tight deadlines. She proves to be a top-notch freelance copywriter who provides error-free, purpose-driven, clearly communicated copy that produces results. Amelia is a talented professional whom I am very happy to have met and recommend.”

– Kirsten Ferguson, Account Supervisor at Havas Edge

“I’ve worked with Amelia both as a writer / art director team or just turned her loose to develop concepts when I was too busy. She has consistently come up with fresh ideas, which I presented and took full credit for them. (OK, not true but I was tempted. They were that good.) Her depth of experience and her ability to research technical information makes her solutions on target with little editing needed. If you get a chance to use her, do so.”

– Robert Schmierer, Owner/Creative Director at Heretic Advertising

“I hardly read and write. But whenever I need some writing, I can always count on Amelia. She is fast, witty, and fun freelance copywriter to work with. I would love to work with her over and over again. Two-marker ups from me.”

– T. Vasabhuti, Sr. UX Designer at T-Square Design

I’m so grateful for their kind words, wry wit, and business. And I hope – in a Six-Degrees-of-Kevin-Bacon kind of way – you won’t hesitate to contact me if you need a freelance copywriter to help you complete a project.