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The client wanted an ad that explained the benefit of its new FastQual online qualification tool, which helped eliminate delays in mortgage closings due to unforeseen changes in a borrower’s credit rating. In keeping with its branding, the photos had to be quirky. After searching through hundreds of images, this was one of our favorites.
This second ad of the campaign also demonstrated an understanding of brokers’ urgency to get things done with a sense of humor. (Note: If I drank my coffee black, I’d be tempted to try the same tactic some mornings.)
This ad helped launch the Tahoe Fund, a philanthropic organization that supports and funds projects and programs designed to improve and restore the environment around the Tahoe Basin. It appeared in Outside Magazine and featured the magnificent Flume Trail.
Skate Ski Shred Sled Give
This second ad in the campaign was adapted for the winter with a new photo. We also adapted the call to action from “SWIM. HIKE. PEDAL. PADDLE. RUN. GIVE” to “SKATE. SKI. SHRED. SLED. GIVE.”
The marketing challenge: to re-brand a development where construction had stalled much longer than expected due to the recession and re-ignite sales. These undeveloped lots offered a bright, airy openess and were more affordable than the other neighborhoods in this community. After this campaign launched, the lots sold out.

This second ad of the campaign targeted women who might be initimidated by process of installing a large flat-panel TV themselves.
The third ad of the campaign targeted married men who may be tired of spending their weekends doing “honey-do’s” around the house.