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This family-owned company needed to re-brand itself in three short weeks to prepare for an important meeting with a potential suitor. We quickly learned everything about Aqua Pro’s five business lines – hundreds of water purification and aviation products – to create this 24-page brochure. And they sealed the deal for a $79 million buyout offer from Parker-Hannifin. This spread introduced AquaPro’s history of using reverse osmosis to turn sea water into purified drinking water in the most challenging environments where lives depend on it.
The military spread of this 24-page AquaPro brochure …“Preparing for battle is the ultimate test of readiness. With Village Marine Tec’s RO systems, warfighters have potable water in 130-degree desert climates, arctic high seas, and deeply submerged waters.”
This high-end luggage manufacturer asked us to create a product line brochure targeted to frequent travelers who are prolific readers (i.e. New Yorker subscribers) and willing to spend in excess of $800 for a suitcase.
Another product spread of this 18-page brochure. The informational captions describe the craftsmanship and durability of this high-end luggage.
Here is one of the product spreads of this 18-page brochure with its informational captions. The headline spoke to the quality and durability of the luggage and the chaotic nature of traveling frequently.
This was the introduction to the safety spread for a 32-page Nissan Quest brochure. It required warm body copy to appeal to the protective nature of parents in order to sell the vehicle.
In this 44-page brochure, Nissan wanted to tap into SUV buyers’ dream of driving this vehicle to remote locations such as National Parks, even if consumers only took it to the grocery store and soccer fields. This introductory handling spread drew the comparison of the Pathfinder to animals. “If you’ve ever seen a wolf running through a field of snow (or a large dog for that matter), you’ve witnessed a perfect demonstration of the advantages of 4-wheel drive.”
Nissan wanted to to emphasize the Pathfinder’s engine performance as well as the innovative way it could conserve gas. “ …the Pathfinder will only consume what it needs. Its multi-point fuel injection system’s computer gathers feedback from sensors that monitor conditions such as elevation, temperature, and vehicle speed to ensure every ounce of fuel is used wisely.”