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This premier four-season resort community wanted to showcase its Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf course to draw more part-time residents.
This home page introduces visitors to Casa Colina’s wide range of medical and rehablitation services on its 20-acre campus. “A Place to Discover What is Possible” truly describes Casa Colina. Since they often treat patients with catastrophic injuries, such as traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries, it was essential to have a headline that was sensitive and optimistic without creating unrealistic expectations. This line also speaks volumes to the culture of its clinicians who never give up on their patients. Yes, I’ve met people here who thought they’d never walk again. It’s an awesome place.
This landing page needed to demonstrate the many recreational opportunities available in close proximity to its development – in some instances, a stone’s throw away.
This web page needed to spark potential buyers’ imagination by showing the raw beauty of the outdoors and the sophistication of an HGTV set indoors.