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Make the Holidays Less Ho-Hum and More Memorable with Experiential Marketing

The holidays are right around the corner. While many businesses focus on Black Friday offers, advertising, email campaigns and traditional holiday cards, I think experiential marketing is an ideal way to connect with your audience during this time of year. This is when so many people are looking for an escape from the ordinary and the perfect gifts for their loved ones. They are more open to soaking in everything sensory around them.  

What is experiential marketing?

It is creating a sensory experience that makes the audience feel more connected with your brand or product. Rather than focusing on the art of persuasion, it’s about making the consumer feel engaged, included, entertained or in awe. 

Which is why I love this holiday “Uber Karaoke” effort by Absolut. Not only does it encourage consumers to drink responsibly by opting for a designated driver – a delightful cabbie with a British accent, but it integrates something very trendy – carpool karaoke. The effect? 

Lucky for us, we get to see several clips of different customers cheerfully entering the back of the cab, surrounded by holiday lights, enthusiastically pony up to the microphone to sing Christmas carols. 

It’s also a wonderful example of unity to see so such a diverse audience, enjoying the same holiday experience. The lit-up tagline at the end says “Enjoy your journey home.” And it’s every bit as entertaining as late-night television. 

How does one measure experiential marketing and ROI? 

The video from last year has nearly 6,500 views. This is just one way to measure the effect of experiential marketing. 

You’ll be able to measure the effectiveness of your own experiential marketing efforts through Key Performance Indications (KPIs) such as shares, clicks, brand mentions, likes, active followers, and subscribers. The take away? If you can create a remarkable experience in person, people will surely talk about you online.    

Though there was never any mention of Absolut’s vodka here, this manufacturer of spirits sure did find a way to raise everyone’s holiday spirit.