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Marketing Monday


If you do nothing else this week, watch this video about a man on a mission to brand peace. You’ll feel better. It’s an amazing story about how artists used their talents to change perception. With all the heartbreaking events that have happened from Orlando to Nice, we could use more stories like this one.

“A project of peace, painted across 50 buildings” via TED. eL Seed used Arabic calligraphy with graffiti on 50 buildings in an impoverished neighborhood of Cairo. Now the messages can bee seen from a nearby mountain and glow in the dark.

“9 Tips to Jumpstart Your Snapchat Marketing Strategy” via AdHawk Blog. Snapchat is garnering better metrics than TV and other social media platforms. Definitely worth exploring.

“Pokemon Go is the Most Addicting App in Years. Here’s Why It Matters” via Fast Company Design. You know what? I still have no desire to play it. But at least I have more of clue of what the fuss is about.

“Freelance Workers Have a New Way to Save for Retirement” via Entrepreneur. It’s nice to see that those of us who are working without a safety net have a new one for our future.

“5 breeds of blog post you can use to promote your creative business” via Creative Digest. Do you have a blog for your creative business? Leave me a comment with a link, so I can check it out.

What has you excited about advertising, branding, or marketing this week? Share it with me. And if you need any help with a project, drop me a line at ameliaostroff@gmail.com.