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Marketing Monday

This week’s post covers crowd funding at its finest with some outstanding results from the Ice Bucket Challenge, an Olympic ban on tweets (really?), a really cool Movable Book of Typography Design, and tips for the freelancer nation.

“Ice Bucket Challenge funds gene discovery in ALS (MND) research” via BBC News. The whimsy of the Ice Bucket Challenge not only produced great YouTube material (see above), but some magnificent results. It raised $115 million that funded six research projects and just led to the discovery of a new gene that contributes to the disease. Now that research scientists know what gene is responsible for turning the disease on, they can work on a new therapy to turn it off. For all of you who dared to have a bucket of ice poured on your head, well done!

“Olympics Committee Says Non-Sponsors Are Banned from Tweeting About the Olympics” via Gizmodo. Specifically, the US Olympic Committee has banned any business social media account from tweeting about the games if it is not an official sponsor. As far as trending topics have gone in the past week on my accounts, this has trumped Trump. In my opinion, it’s outrageous that companies can’t show any national pride during the games without the threat of a lawsuit. Here’s another sponsor point of view from Oiselle Running’s blog “USA Track and Field Athletes With #Rule40 Blacked-Out Sponsors.” I completely concur with Oiselle on this one.

“3D Design Geekery: A Movable Book of Typography Design” via How. When I read this one, I immediately had a flashback to some of movable books I received from my parents in childhood. This one is a nice reminder to stay playful. Another to add to my Amazon Wish List.

And for those who work from home or telecommute like me, take a gander at “9 Ways to Be Highly Productive at Your Home Office” via Medium.com. There are some good tips in here. Personally, I need to work on #9 today. But then again, I don’t work in an air-conditioned office either.

What has you excited about advertising, branding, or marketing this week? Share it with me. And if you need any help with a project, drop me a line at ameliaostroff@gmail.com.