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Marketing Monday

How excited is this sports junkie for the Olympics? Keep reading. The Games not only bring out the best athletes, but some of the best creative work, too. I give these ads a 10 for artistic and technical merit.

Wow, watch Usain Bolt’s life pass before our eyes in 9.58 seconds with this Virgin Media spot via Creative Review.

This brilliant Rio Paralympics Trailer “We’re The Superhumans” via Creative Review. (I could watch this one again and again.)

A Dark Look at Olympic Athletes’ Sacrifices via Adweek.

And finally, “Olympic Swimmers When They Were Beginners” for USA Swimming.

I think all of these could contend for a gold or silver in any of the ad industry’s award shows, too. Now it’s our turn to churn out some great work. Have a great week. And if you need any help, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Drop me a line at ameliaostroff@gmail.com.