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Marketing Monday

What caught my eye in advertising and marketing this week? Netflix binged out on a new brand. A standout PR campaign with a fun, feminist phrase I have never heard before. Samsung celebrated South Sudan’s first Olympic appearance with a moving commercial. And a virtual trip to Cannes – because we’re just too busy to make the trip to the South of France this year.

Netflix’s New Logo is a Masterpiece of Ambiguity via Fast Company Design

Samsung Celebrates South Sudan’s First Olympic Appearance With a Heart-Pounding Chant via Adweek

And these two posts reporting in from Cannes:

Cannes 2016: Ladyballs Wins PR Lion via Marketing. Personally, I could not stop grinning over the term “Lady Balls.” Now I’m just looking for the right opportunity to use it, again and again.

And Adventures in Virtual Reality – fast forward to 16:30 for the presentation from Google.

What caught your eye last week? Share it with me here or on LinkedIn or Twitter. And if you need help with any upcoming projects, please don’t hesitate to reach me at ameliaostroff@gmail.com. Have a great week!