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A Wonderful Invention: Noti-Fly (A Zipper That Texts)

This is one of those inventions where I immediately thought two things:

‘Why hasn’t anyone thought of that before?’


‘Wait, what, what, what…really? Seriously?’

Imagine checking your cell and reading:

Your barn door is open.

You’ve got a security breach at Los Pantalones.

Your pod bay door is open, Hal.

It appears the wearable technology has reached a new low in a good way. Thanks to Creative Technologist, Eric Schneider at Chaotic R&D, who developed Noti-fly, a zipper that will text you when it’s down. I have no idea what the actual notification text would say, but I’ll bet it’s something a tad less juvenile than any of the above statements as this invention is all about saving people from humiliation and embarrassment.

Though at first blush, this may seem like tech overload, I think in certain situations, people would gladly pay for Noti-fly. After all, you don’t want to show up at your wedding, a press conference, the red carpet, a first date or a job interview with your fly down. But you might be too pre-occupied to check your zipper.

How does it work? Like a lot of wearable technology, it leverages an invisible user interface to alert you when the zipper isn’t fastened. It’s constructed of electronic fabric and a flexible circuit board that’s woven into the pants.

What will they do next with the technology? Will they mass market it themselves as “Smarty Pants?” (I know, stop! Sorry. Not sorry.) Or will they do the world a favor and supply Noti-fly to clothing manufacturers everywhere? I can’t wait to find out.