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Marketing Monday

This week’s Marketing Monday features Apple’s tribute to Muhammad Ali, Visa’s custom jewelry for Olympic athletes, and some inspiration to improve your brainstorming and productivity.

Apple paid homage to legendary boxer Muhammad Ali who passed away on Friday by changing its home page. It was quite fitting considering the longtime relationship the company had with this boxer who appeared in its “Think Different” campaign in 1997.

Segueing to an entirely different ring. Check out what Visa has created for Olympic athletes to use for payments during the Rio games. Another great example of how brands are standing out with technology.

I also enjoyed reading “8 Productivity Habits of the Most Successful Freelancers.” I think there’s some inspiration in there for everyone in marketing and advertising.

And don’t we all want to “think different?” Here’s some inspiration from Caitlyn Crossley “4 genius brainstorming techniques to yield your brightest ideas.” I thought I’d seen them all, but there are a couple in here I’m going to have to try.

If you need any help with your next concepting session or copywriting assignment, drop me a line me@ameliaostroff.com. Have a great week everyone!