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A "Creative High Five" Series


Every year there’s a heightened expectation that we’ll see some wonderful ads during the Super Bowl. The rest of the year, we drop our expectations like a rock. After being exposed to an estimated 10,000 advertising messages a day, we’ve learned to block most of it out as if we’ve become inoculated. No wonder. A lot of it is “schlock.”

But there’s also a lot of amazing work being done out there – commercials, print, outdoor boards, packaging and more. And that’s what this “Creative High Five” Series will showcase. It’s a reminder of what can happen when businesses (clients) and their marketing/advertising teams collaborate on the highest level.

Look at any great work and you’ll instantly see four things:

  1. The strategy that inspired it
  2. A unique idea that truly resonates with the target market
  3. A highly crafted execution
  4. A client who let their advertising team do their jobs (even if it made his or her palms sweat)

That’s how it’s done. That’s who inspires me to do my job well. People who set the bar that high deserve a “Creative High Five.” Have you seen something that deserves one? Please share it with me at me@ameliaostroff.com.

photo credit: In 2D via photopin (license)