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Marketing Monday

What’s it really like to be in an Olympic sponsor’s suit? (A little humor to start off the week.) How quickly can one of them dump Ryan Lochte? Why are Olympic logos so weird? Who made the biggest Olympic buzz in social media?

“Regular People Try Competitive Swimsuits” via BuzzFeedVideo. This video made me laugh hard. But as a swimmer/triathlete, I have to admit it pained me to see them take out the scissors. Those competitive suits cost several hundred dollars.

While we’re on the subject of Olympians’ wardrobe, check out “7 Wearable Breakthroughs to Watch for in Rio” via Fast Company Design.

“Speedo announces it is ending sponsorship of Ryan Lochte” via USA Today. Most likely Speedo execs were acting on a pre-determined clause in their contract. The same thing happened with Michael Phelps’ sponsors after his DUI. It will take time, but I hope Ryan doesn’t let this incident become his legacy. We all love a comeback.

And let’s counter that with the Olympians who made some noise in a good way. “Here Are the 10 Buzziest Social Media Moments From U.S. Olympians This Past Week” via Adweek.

“Why Official Olympic Mascots Are So Weird” – another great one from Adweek. I always thought something got lost in translation with these designs. To me, they always seem like they’re trying to look like a Disney character, but end up looking hijacked by aliens.

This morning, I have mixed emotions about the Olympics being over. I’m happy to not feel that pressure to keep up with the events, but I’ll miss seeing these athletes and their inspiring stories. Now, it’s time for us to write our own stories. It’s time to step up for our own sponsors, our clients. If you need any help, please don’t hesitate to reach out at ameliaostroff@gmail.com.