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Marketing Monday

In this week’s Marketing Monday, Nike scores with a new experiential app, the Miami Ad School shows what it takes to succeed in advertising (hint: mess with peoples’ heads a little), wisdom from Seth Godin, and more.

This funny promo for the Miami Ad School was by far the best thing I saw this week. I can assure you that I’m grateful that none of the over 100 informational interviews/portfolio reviews I had early on in my career went anything like this one above.

Of course, creating attention-grabbing headlines in traditional media versus social media are two entirely different things. As this infographic from Social Media Today“Creating the Perfect Headline.” I have to admit the “listicle” approach leaves me torn. I must read about fifty of those a week and probably glance at hundreds more.

Perhaps that why I was actually drawn to read these two posts (neither of which has a number in the headline):

“The saying/doing gap” from Seth Godin

“Why you should say “yes” to opportunities that scare you” from Monika Jansen at Freelancers Union.

What can I say? I’m a visual and word girl more than a numbers chick. Just ask my high-school algebra teacher or my college calculus prof.

I’m also really into sports. So this one caught my eye: “Nike Moves into Brain Training with Launch of Pro Genius.” It’s a football (soccer) app that’s available in 20 languages. Sounds like the creative team at Nike hit a GOOOOOOAAAAAAAAALLLLL!

What about you? What caught your attention in the advertising/marketing world? Let me know. Have a great week. And if you need any copywriting help, email me@ameliaostroff.com.