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Marketing Monday

This week’s Marketing Monday features a smack-talking poster, a Zika-fighting, mosquito-killing billboard, artfully painted Google data centers, a makeover of Apple’s flagship store, and some inspiration from an Italian illustrator.

Oh, the contortions consumers will do to win a vacation. This poster does a brilliant job of drawing a crowd. Check out Walker’s Interactive Poster Gets You to Spell With Your Body.

Which reminded me of this innovative billboard, which also functions in an unexpected way. An ad agency in Brazil developed a billboard to attract and kill the mosquitos that cause Zika and other viruses. And they hope others will copy their idea. They even posted instructions with a Creative Commons license.

Here’s another big idea for the outdoors. Google is Enlisting Artists to Paint Its Massive Data Centers. Watch how this huge canvas comes to life. With the daily logo updates on its search engine, we always knew Google had a soft spot for artists. This is a great extension of its brand around the world. Wouldn’t it be cool if more companies followed suit?

Of course, I couldn’t resist sharing this story on experiential design: Apple Takes Retail Design in New Direction with SF Flagship Store. There are so many thoughtful elements to this retail environment. The Forum and The Boardroom intrigue me the most.

And finally, I enjoyed this article on the creative process with Italian illustrator Livia Cives: “Inspiration comes when we linger to observe.”

There’s so much good stuff being done out there. Doesn’t it just make you want to come up with your own right here? Have a great week everyone. And if you need any help, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Drop me a line at me@ameliaostroff.com.