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Marketing Monday

This week’s Marketing Monday features all kinds of creative thinking, including formulating KFC-flavored nail polish, making custom swimsuits with Instagram photos, and the signing of a teen model with Down Syndrome. Plus, how technology can help your business grow whether you’re a freelancer or an ad agency exec.

Did you hear about the latest fast-food trend? KFC-flavored nail polish. How’s that for out-of-the-box cross-promotion? Yes, this edible polish comes in two shades/flavors – Original Recipe and Hot & Spicy. The idea for the new product was created by the ad agency Ogilvy & Mather with the help of food experts at McCormick. It’s targeted to consumers in Hong Kong. As unappetizing as it may sound, they put a lot of thought into the development of the product, including natural ingredients. (See the rationale above.)

If a creative team can come up with a new nail polish, you can design your own swimsuit with an Instagram photo. This article from Business Insider explains how Orlebar Brown, a luxury swimwear company, you can make a splash as a fashion designer.

Here’s something else that caught my attention on the fashion runway. Models are often selected for their ability to turn heads. In this instance, I think the company Manifesta will as well with its wonderful selection of a teen with Down Syndrome as a model for its athletic apparel.

This article “LinkedIn Releases Data on the Growth of the Freelance Economy” from Social Media Today shows we’re a nation of freelancers. (Think I need to look into this Profinder tool they have.)

Here’s another for the agency folks. “The Case for Change, Sponsor Post: How Agencies Can Succeed Within Today’s ‘New Normal’ Environment.” Some solid advice in here for sure.

When I read over this list, there’s definitely a trend. It’s not just about doing your job well. It’s finding a way to do it in such a unique way that it drives public relations and social media, too. How’s that for your Monday Marketing motivation? Do you have one to share? Drop me a line at me@ameliaostroff.com or leave a comment. And if you need any help with a project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Have a great week!