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Marketing Monday

Or perhaps I should call this a “Manly Marketing Monday” (insert fist pump). “What Pantone color is Donald Trump?” Who is the new “Most Interesting Man” for Dos Equis? What is Apple’s Jonathan Ive up to these days? And how do both sexes recycle advertising ideas? These are some of the posts that turned my head this week.

Yes, of all the political vitriol that’s been served up on a daily basis, the one article that just made me grin was “What Pantone color is Donald Trump?” There are days when I’ve wondered about his makeup artists. I hadn’t thought about it from this perspective before. But thanks to the wonderful folks at Pantone and Fast Company Design, now we know.

“Meet the New Most Interesting Man in the World” via Adweek. Maybe I watched the Olympics too much, but I think Michael Phelps might bear a resemblance to him in another 30 years.

“Has Jonathan Ive Designed Himself Out of Existance” via Fast Company Design. If you watched the live stream of Apple’s World Wide Developers’ Conference, you couldn’t help but notice his conspicuous absence from the stage. When it came to the introduction of the new iPhone 7, he, well, he phoned it in. Personally, I loved it. We still heard his rich, elegant high-brow British voice.

“Top Marketing Books: Educate Yourself!” via Heidi Cohen. What I really liked about this one is that she culled the opinions of some of the top marketers to get their recommendations for this post. Well done.

And finally, “Copy Paste: How Advertising Recycles Ideas” via Graphics.com. Is the ad world rampant with copycats? Or is it more a case of formulaic creative work? I see both. I cringe at the thought of the former.

Of course, if you need any fresh and original ideas, feel free to reach out at ameliaostroff@gmail.com. I would love to help you out with your advertising or marketing endeavors.