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Marketing Monday

Have you glanced at a MAD Magazine lately? (Embrace your inner child. It might be more fun to read again in this election year.) Are you more creative as a night owl or an early bird catching the worm? And what can you do to spark your own creative thinking?

When I was a kid, I didn’t think of all the creative work that went into MAD Magazine’s monthly production. I just raced to the corner pharmacy for the latest copy (and a fistful of penny candy) whenever it came out. Naturally, I was drawn to this article “Sam Viviano: Designing MAD-ness” from Print Magazine. After all these years, this is a brand with staying power and entertainment value.

I found this post “What time should designers get up in the morning?” interesting. Of course, anything with the word “should” begs for some rebellion, right? Most of my designer and art director friends are night owls. In my entire career, I’ve never met an artist who wasn’t one. Ever. Me? I do my best writing early. When it comes to concepting with artists, we find a way to meet in the middle.

I think I’ll try some of these while I’m waiting for my night owls to wake up. Check out “!0 Exercises to Spark Original Thinking and Unleash Creativity.” #2 looks really hard!

And for your visual inspiration, this new book looks wonderful “Cultivating Creativity: Daily Rituals for Visual Inspiration” by Maria Fabrizio.

I kept focusing on the visual stuff this week. What caught your eye? Share it with
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