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Marketing Monday

This week’s Marketing Monday contains a few of the posts that intrigued me the most this week, including Virtual Reality as a design tool, a smart-you-know-what ad contrarian, freelancer tips for taking a vacation (as opposed to just being under-booked) as well as some tips for presenting your portfolio.

Why Virtual Reality Will Change Design Forever: VR won’t just change the way we experience life. It will change the way we create. Can you imagine concepting with a set of 1.2-lb pair of HTC Vive goggles? Mark Wilson, the author of this Fastcodesign.com article, made a pretty compelling case for this new process here.

This former ad agency CEO says the ad industry has 3 major delusions holding it back. This article by Will Heilpern of Business Insider made me grin. It was a summary of Bob Hoffman’s speech at the Shift 2016 conference in London. Numbers 2 and 3 definitely resonated more with me. Especially, “the digital delusion.” On Twitter, I see lots of predictions that 75% of ad spending will be digital very soon. I’m sure digital spending will climb, but that sounds like a gross exaggeration to me. What about you?

12 Books that Belong in Every Sophisticated Marketer’s Library Definitely gave me a few more to add to my Amazon Wish List that weren’t on the list I shared a couple of weeks ago.

24 Essential Portfolio Tips for New Techies. I think the advice here pretty much applies to all of us. Kind of funny to read now that I’ve launched my new site. How did I do? Okay, I may be guilty of #16. What do you think?

How to Take a Vacation as a Freelancer I’d add to the list, find some reliable to fill in for you while you’re away. (Hint: I know someone.)