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Marketing Monday

The- Martian-Potato-Promotion

I started reading The Martian this weekend. I’ve been riffling through the pages at warp speed (for me). I became curious about the author Andrew Weir, so I looked to see if he was on Twitter. Then I found this really apropos cross promotion between the movie and Albert Bartlett potatoes. You can read more about it here.

Marketing Magazine revealed what happened when they let Chief Marketing Officers tell all in Disguised CMOs have no problem telling agency horror stories. I suspect their issues aren’t just related to what occurs in the Great White North. (Yes, there’s an old SNL skit reference there.)

10 Top Marketing Podcasts to Geek Out On: There are a lot on this list that I want to load up in my Overcast queue. Thanks for the ideas AdHawk. I’ve been enjoying #7 on my runs for a long time.

The Art of Creativity from Psychology Today: This one delves into our desire to innovate. Though I just discovered it last week, it turns out this is a pretty classic article.

18 false advertising scandals that cost brands millions from Business Insider.com. It’s a reminder that when we work to push the envelope, we better keep it real.

What inspires your thoughts as you approach your marketing projects? I’d love to hear what piqued your interest. Drop me a line at me@ameliaostroff.com or leave a comment. If you liked this post, please share it with your colleagues by clicking on one of the buttons above. Have an excellent week!